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Novios - Terapias intravenosas

Bride and Groom – IV Therapies to Prepare Them for the Big Day

Wedding is the most beautiful chapter of life for both bride and groom. If your big day is coming too – Congrats! The love this season a lot, wedding bells ring, guests arrive, preparation are getting done, brides anticipate, waiting for girls to take her down the aisle to her groom where everyone anxiously waiting for the wedding vows to be called.

The wedding comes with a myriad of preparation, shopping, arrangements, and yes headaches and confusions too, no one knows where to start from or what if things turn into a mess? But let’s consider the most neglected part – Skincare! Although it can be fixed with the makeup or you can say the lines which are likely to appear on the face due to tension could be hidden with the beautician’s brushes.

s that enough? What about the internal health, will you feel fresh or healthy on the day? Of course not. Where advancement is revolutionizing everything around us thanks to it to extend the roots to the medical field too and brought us the easiest trick to deal with it – Intravenous Hydration – essential for both bride and groom these days.

When asked by the skincare experts, they kept emphasizing how important is that to undergo the Intravenous Hydration treatment a week before the event if brides and grooms want to make it memorable for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of Intravenous Hydration for Bride and Groom

1.Rejuvenate Your Skin Natural Glow is all meant to achieve on the big day. Intravenous Hydration helps to rejuvenate your skin. The human body is composed of 70% of water with electrolytes that maintain the homeostasis of the body, any loss with sweating or urination has to be replaced with the water we drink to maintain the percentage. Wedding is an overwhelming event most of it characterized by the stress of both bride and groom that disturbs the natural metabolism, which leads to more sweating and eventually disturbs the skin health. IV hydration, in turn, reduces fine lines, relaxes the cells that lie underneath, and reduce oxidative stress to make it look fresh and spots free.

2. Stress Reduction Unsurprisingly, every bride and groom seems more stressed on the big day due to many questions drape around their brain about each other and the challenges ahead, although that’s something natural but, some lose their consciousness, they pass out, and the most beautiful day turns into the terrible nightmare. IV hydration is made with the formula having Vitamin B-Complex that helps reduce the stress and make things easily manageable.

3.Boost Immunity Intravenous hydration therapy comes with tremendous health benefits not only for the skin, for boosting the energy level, for the hangover recovery but also to improve the immunity of the body. It doesn’t let you get sick before or after the wedding as the IV formula is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents.

Skincare for both bride and groom is important, start with Intravenous Hydration therapy to augment your skin, health, sleep, RBCs production, appetite, and mood cycles, and get ready to rock your day.

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