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Young adult female cancer patient wearing headscarf and bathrobe sitting in the kitchen looking out window.

Modern Alternative Cancer Treatments in Elixiv IV Therapy Clinic

The global cancer burden is increasing with each passing year. Statistics for 2020 reveal that about 1.8 million new cancer cases and 0.6 million deaths have occurred so far in the United States. Extensive research is being done to combat the disease and prevent the resulting deaths. Therefore, many modern alternative treatments have been discovered. Some of these are in the experimental phase while others have been approved.

We are an alternative cancer treatment clinic in Mexico and we offer a number of modern alternative cancer treatments and yield favorable results.
The innovative treatments available include:

  • Radio Frequency Ablation
  • Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT)
  • Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy
  • IV Vitamin C Therapy
  • IV Ozone Treatment
  • Hyperthermia
  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy (UVBI)
  • IV Hydrogen Peroxide.

Radio Frequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive medical technique in which cancer cells are obliterated by using electrical energy and heat.[1]With the help of imaging tests, radiologists guide a needle into the cancer tissue through the skin or an incision.


High-frequency energy goes through the needle and causes the adjoining tissue to heat up, destroying the nearby cells. It helps to alleviate the pain caused by cancer. It is advantageous because it does not stimulate the nerves or muscles and therefore can be performed without general anesthesia, and it is highly specific with minimum collateral damage.[2]

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT)

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) is one of the recent alternative cancer treatments. It makes use of non-toxic sensitizers that selectively accumulate in the cancer cells and are activated by applying predetermined sound (Sono-Dynamic Therapy) and light (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) frequencies.[3]



After being activated, the sensitizer reacts with oxygen to form reactive oxygen species (ROS) which kill the cancer cells. Also, ROS destroy the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the cancer cells and cause nutrient deficiency for cancer cells. This technique is particularly useful in late-stage cancer.

Immunomodulation is used to alter the activity of the immune system to better combat the cancerous cells.[4] The immune system is the natural defense mechanism of the body that protects it against all kinds of damaging substances.

When functioning properly it prevents the development of cancer cells. Disease and toxic therapies weaken the immune system giving cancer cells a chance to spread. Different immunomodulation techniques used are Near Infrared Lamp Therapy, Immunoimagery, and Sunivera Immunotherapy.[5]

IV Vitamin C Therapy involves the use of high doses of vitamin C, injected intravenously, to obtain therapeutic benefits.[4] Intravenous vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant. When cancer cells absorb it, hydrogen peroxide is produced that causes oxidative damage and even cell death. Normal cells contain catalase which breaks down hydrogen peroxide making it harmless, but cancer cells are deficient in catalase, hence they are destroyed.

In Ozone therapy, ozone gas is used to treat cancer cells.[5] Ozone gas reacts with the blood to produce oxidative molecules such as peroxides and helps the body fight against cancer cells.  Cancer cells produce lactic acid, a byproduct of glycolysis which takes place in the absence of O2, creating an acidic environment in which normal cells cannot survive. Ozone gas, when introduced into the blood, creates an oxygen-rich environment that promotes the growth of healthy cells and inhibits cancer cells.

Hyperthermia is also used to combat cancer.[6] An artificial fever is induced which increases the blood flow and hence, oxygenation of the body. This provides a boost to the immune system and helps in detoxification. Cancer cells are unable to survive a raised temperature and die.


If you are suffering from cancer, you should give a visit to Elixiv IV Therapy Clinic. They boast a high success rate and offer many modern alternative cancer treatments that will help you in your fight against cancer.


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