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Modern alternative treatments in Elixiv IV Therapy Clinic

The Elixiv IV Therapy Clinic uses state-of-the art and non-toxic immunotherapy that are designed to restore the patient’s body immune and defense system in order to recognize and destroy cancer cells. People who are suffering from cancer are interested in trying anything that may help them, which may be complementary and alternative cancer treatments. Alternative cancer treatments may offer patients some feeling of control and relief. 

But researches show that many alternative cancer treatments are not approved and may cause some dangerous effects. Some people prefer to use alternative therapies instead of standard medical treatment. For example, they tend to avoid chemotherapy and prefer eating specific foods. One of the most important goals of holistic nursing is to help patients with necessary self-care into their lives. 

Holistic nursing may include different types of therapy i.e. the use of music, touch therapy, therapeutic massage, guided imagery, play therapy, and communication skills. The purpose of providing modern surgeries to the patient means not only recovering the patients but regaining physical, mental, and spiritual health as a whole. The following are the important alternative therapeutic treatments provided by the Elixiv IV therapy clinic:

Dietary treatments

Cancerous patients use dietary treatment therapy on their belief base. Many patients believe that many of the dietary nutrients are helpful for the cancerous cell growth therefore in order to destroy cancerous cells these nutrients must be avoided. As cancerous cells are the collection of waste products in our body and these waste products can be destroyed by anti-cancer diets. 

Cancer diet treatments include juice diets, acid-free diets, and raw food diets. Blueberries and garlic are among the individual food ingredients believed by some to act against cancer. But there is no proof that dietary treatment is effective to fight against cancerous cells.

Mega doses of vitamins and minerals

There are a large number of researches that show that a large number of vitamins would be effective in cancer treatment. Therefore all the medical experts recommend taking vitamin or mineral through diet instead of using supplements. In alternative treatments, patients may be given adjunctive doses called antioxidant therapy in addition to large doses of vitamins and minerals. There is no reliable proof that this works.

Homeopathy in cancer treatment

In homeopathy substances are selected for use as a cancer treatment that in large quantities would replicate precisely the symptoms that the patient has. In homeopathic therapy, extremely small quantities of these dosages are given to the patient. Professionals made a lot of efforts to treat cancer patients using homeopathic methods, although homeopathy alone is not sufficient for treating cancer. 

Cofee Enemas

Coffee enema is used as an alternative cancer therapy. During this therapy the liver produces more bile due the strong detoxifying effect of the caffeine produced from the coffee and then absorbed into the liver. And move toxins out toward the small intestine for elimination from the body. The coffee contains some alkaloids that help in stimulating the production of glutathione-S-Transferase. This glutathione-S-Transferase is an enzyme used by the liver to make the detox pathways run.

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