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Ozone Therapy in Cancun

Ozone Therapy is the use of ozone gas to treat different diseases. Ozone is used as a disinfectant so it can be helpful in the treatment of wounds.

Ways of administration:

There are following three ways of administration:

  1. Direct to the tissues:

  Ozone is directly applied to tissues. It acts as disinfectant and thus inactivates bacteria and viruses. This process is suitable for treatment of wounds especially for the extremities.

  1. Intravenous :

   A blood sample is taken from the patient and ozone is mixed with it. The blood mixed with ozone is then injected into the patient. It is used in conditions like HIV.

  1. Intramuscular:

Ozone gas is mixed with oxygen and then administered into the body intramuscularly. It is suitable in conditions like diabetes.

  • Rectal:

Rectal ozone may be able to improve clinical (oxygen saturation and oxygen demand), laboratory (decrease in markers of inflammation) and radiological (Taylor scale) variables, as observed in this case.

  • Vaginal:

Treatment with intravaginal ozone therapy may be helpful for these patients with chronic, repeated and refractory vulvovaginitis to usual treatments.

How is it helpful?

It is helpful in many ways. Ozone when comes in contact with the tissue protein, it interacts with it and thus stimulates the immune system. This will strengthen the immune system and help the body to fight the disease. It is a strong disinfectant so it stops the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also helps in healing.

It is helpful in diabetes, HIV and lung disorders.

Is it effective?

The answer is yes. Some research has shown that it is effective and helpful but still the evidence is limited. More controlled trials are required to prove its effectiveness. The use of ozone is very specific according to the condition of the patient.


Ozone is a very unstable gas so it cannot be predicted. It can react with the molecules inside the body and can cause toxicity.

The use of ozone is dangerous because if it is inhaled it irritates the lungs and nose. This irritation is very uncomfortable and sometimes causes suffocation.

The concentration of ozone injected intravenously is of great importance, slight increase or decrease would change the whole story.

Ozone therapy in Cancun:

Cancun is considered as the Heaven for medical procedures. Countless medical services are available in Cancun.

ELIXIV IV THERAPY CLINIC in Cancun offers a wide range of options of Ozone Therapies, conducted and supervised by a trained and accredited medical staff. Your safety is our priority.

Cost of ozone therapy:

The cost of ozone therapy varies in different countries. It is as high as 8000$ in the Ukraine and as low as 120$ in the Philippines.

The cost of ozone therapy in Cancun is USD $110 to USD $190. This is a moderate cost with very high standard procedure.


The use of ozone is risky but effective. FDA does not approve its use. It is helpful in wound healing, breathing disorders and diabetes. It should be used with high caution because a slight change in concentration can change the consequences. 

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