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Chronic Fatigue

It is the sensation of exhaustion or hardship in performing everyday physical or intellectual activities. Fatigue is a symptom and therefore, a subjective feeling felt by the individual expressed or referred in many different ways. 

A person often refers to it as tiredness, lack of energy, weakness, or intolerance to exercise. Fatigue usually happens when performing physical or mental activities, not before. A force of will or intention is not enough to beat it on the part of the person suffering from it.

There are numerous variants of the fatigue symptom. On the one hand, there is regular or physiological fatigue, which happens after intense physical or mental exercise and always recovers with rest or when you are no longer doing the activity.

Reactive fatigue happens in certain situations, for example, stress or sleep deprivation, and you can improve the symptoms by avoiding the activity triggering it.

Chronic fatigue doesn’t improve with rest and results in a significant lack of energy for daily life activities, encompassing both the occupational, leisure, physical, or intellectual spheres, as well as the sexual sphere, usually limiting them by more than 50 percent. 3.

We can often observe acute triggers of the infectious type, although there are also some triggers of toxic, environmental, or psychological origins.

Our bioregulatory protocol is based on applying optimal doses of Vitamin C to increase energy levels and reduce the action of free radicals in our body. In combination with bioregulatory drugs from Heel laboratories, developed in Baden, Germany, following the highest quality standards, promoting the body’s natural self-regulation capacity and contributes to achieving a healthy balance, reducing tiredness and improving the quality of life.


Chronic fatigue syndrome causes symptoms such as:

  • Sensation of extreme fatigue, despite being well-rested
  • Loss of concentration
  • Short term memory issues
  • Muscle discomfort
  • Nausea after exertion, usually a day after exercising or performing strenuous work
  • Joint pain
  • Inflamed glands
  • Sore throat

Duration per session: 60 minutes

Available at our premises or at your home

*Price per session

$ 2,855.00

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