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Vitamin IV infusion

Gone are the days when vitamin deficiency was rare. Now-a-days most of the population is vitamin deficient.  According to the World health organization more than two billion people suffer from the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. If you are one of them and want to overcome it in a very short time then vitamin IV infusion is for you.

What is vitamin IV infusion:

Vitamin iv infusion is the introduction of vitamins via intravenous route. It commonly contains vitamin C, B, calcium and potassium. It can be a drip of a single vitamin, if deficiency of a certain vitamin is diagnosed. It is the fastest way to infuse goodness of vitamins and minerals in the body. When vitamins are infused, their level in the bloodstream increases which ultimately result in higher uptake of nutrients by the cells. This 30-minute-long process can make a huge difference in terms of physical wellness.

Why is it better than oral supplements?

Oral supplements are also present for vitamin deficiency so why should I choose IV infusion? this question might pop up in your mind. It is because the oral supplements have to pass through the digestive tract to get absorbed. The absorption of supplements after digestion is very low as compared to IV infusion. The absorption of IV infused vitamins is very high so it is more effective. Moreover, you need to take your supplements regularly for at least 3 months to see a considerable increase in your concerned vitamin level, on the other hand the IV infusion does not take that long.

Indications of vitamin Drip:

The indications are the signs which show that you need a vitamin drip. Symptoms for any certain vitamin deficiency is different from other but here are some generalized symptoms:

  • Overall weakness is a very common sign of vitamin deficiency. Micronutrients are required in very less quantity but they are crucial in your health.
  • Muscle fatigue is another indicator of vitamin deficiency. Keep an eye on it.
  • Vitamin deficiency will cause low nutrition in your body which in turn will affect your hair. Excessive hair fall can also be a sign
  • Vitamin deficiency will ruin your face’s freshness so keep an eye on it!


The benefits of vitamin infusion are tremendous. They provide your body proper nourishment and energy. Moreover, some women reported better hair growth and less hair fall after getting vitamin drips.

It will also boost your mood and overall energy levels.

Dull skin, fatigue and tiredness are due to low micronutrients so after getting your vitamin shots you will overcome these issues. You will have a glowing skin, elevated mood and physical wellbeing. It will cleanse your body and remove toxicity and also improve cardiovascular health.


If your micronutrients are at their normal level then you do not need it, otherwise you will face toxicity. This may cause stress on your liver and kidneys so always get your micronutrients level checked before choosing vitamin IV infusion.

Convenient locations in Cancun:

Vitamin drips are not very complicated so you do not need a very high technology or big dedicated hospital for this. A hygienic clinic with a skilled doctor is all you need. Here are some convenient places for you:

Adore medispa:

Adore medispa is very popular for their IV services. They provide a very calm and serene environment. They have skilled doctors and other staff. Their reviews are good enough so you can trust them.

Elixiv IV therapy clinic:

It is a dedicated clinic for IV therapy in Mexico.They provide an attractive package with pretty high standards. They have a team of 5 people who are always here to provide you top notch treatment without any inconvenience

Elixiv IV Mobile Team in Cancun:

If you are the one who does not like to go outside for this service or you cannot travel much then Mobile IV is the solution. Mexico is well known for their unique health services and mobile IV is one of them. It is also helpful if a patient is chronically ill and cannot move.

If you feel low and you have deficiency of any vitamins then IV infusion of vitamins can be a savior for you. It is also helpful for the patients who are chronically ill because it will boost up their recovery. Excess of it can cause toxicity so be careful!

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