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Mexico as a Leading Destination for Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative cancer treatments are gaining popularity by the day. Cancer patients use all the means at their disposal to improve the quality of their lives and get rid of the signs and symptoms caused by cancer and its treatments.

As such, they make use of different therapies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnosis, vitamins, massage, exercise, yoga, Tai chi, etc. in an attempt to defeat cancer. For this purpose, they travel to different places, sometimes even crossing the border and entering a different country. One such place gaining popularity is Mexico.

With its inexpensive and alternative medical techniques, Mexico is becoming the leading medical tourism destination for alternative cancer treatments drawing patients from all over the world. Every year thousands of patients suffering from cancer take a trip to Mexico to seek medical treatments that they cannot find at other places.

Mostly these include people from across the border i.e. the United States. Some people pursue alternative cancer treatments in Mexico because the traditional treatments do not yield the desired results and fail to eliminate cancer whereas others opt for alternative treatments as their first preference. Mexico offers a variety of treatment options to patients dealing with cancer, whether early or late stage.

Patients choose Mexico as a place for alternative cancer treatments for several reasons, the most important being treatment availability. At other places, especially the United States, alternative medicine is under intense supervision and any doctor caught practicing alternative medicine may lose his license. On the other hand, doctors in Mexico are permitted to use all existing therapeutic innovations that may benefit and bring relief to the patient.

Alternative treatments in Mexico are cheaper when compared to other places around the world and other expenditures like accommodation and food are also not costly. Mexican doctors employ a holistic approach and deal with the origin of cancer rather than just dealing with signs and symptoms. Patients do not have to face a language barrier as the doctors and staff speak English. Above all Tijuana, the hub for Mexican clinics is situated near the US border making it easily accessible from San Diego, California.

Many notable alternative cancer treatment clinics are present in Mexico with most being located in Tijuana.  But now, in beautiful Cancun, Elixiv IV Therapy Clinic boasts a high survival rate and offers a host of modern alternative cancer treatments. Hope 4 Cancer Treatment Centers have two full-service facilities operational along Mexico’s soothing coastal shorelines.

They use nontoxic cancer therapies, immunomodulation, full-spectrum nutrition, detoxification, etc. To teat cancer patients. Oasis of Hope Hospital is another eminent place for alternative treatments. Alternative cancer treatments at Oasis of Hope have shown three times better outcomes over traditional treatments from US national averages. Angeles Hospitals Cancer Center situated in Tijuana offers one of the most advanced holistic cancer treatment programs in Mexico. They make use of both the traditional and alternative treatments to successfully treat advanced-stage cancer.

Mexico is making its mark on the world as a leading destination for alternative cancer treatments. Each year a greater number of cancer patients are traveling to Mexico because it offers a great deal of affordable and innovative treatments. But health experts warn that patients should be careful in selecting their medical facility, as not all the clinics meet international standards. Therefore, one should do proper research before setting out to get treatment.

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